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Action Cycles Service Department strives to provide the best service and value when it comes time for your motorcycle or ATV to be serviced. Our technicians have the experience, expertise and the equipment to maintain your machine. From routine maintenance to Dyno Tuning.  Action provides our customers with service and repairs on all major brand motorcycles and ATVs using factory O.E.M. and high quality aftermarket parts. Action has same day service on most repairs and service, as well as pick-up and delivery service. Action is also the area’s only certified Dynojet Tuning Link Center with certified Dynojet tuners on staff. Action Cycles is where performance, experience, quality and value come together. 

       Summer Service


Action can help you get your bike ready for the riding season. Assuring your bike is properly serviced will help keep you safe and ready to ride.


Services Include 


  • Replace Oil and Filter

  • Replace Rear Differential Oil (if App)

  • Lube and Adjust Chain

  • Check Coolant Level

  • Check Condition and Air Pressure in Tires

  • Check Brake Pads

  • Cable Adjust and Lube

  • Check operation of Lights



Remember Summer time is a prime time for theft of motorcycles. Install a real-time security system such as the Kryptonite GPS Location System for piece of mind.

Tuning Link Center, Dyno Tuning, Power Commander, Power Command 5,

The Dynojet Tuning Link software is a specialist add-on available only to authorized Dynojet Tuning Centers to automatically optimize the fuel curve of a motorcycle by interfacing its Power Commander with  a Model 250 Load Control Dynamometer.


The Tuning Link software simultaneously controls the Dyno and the Power Commander. It monitors the current air/fuel ratio at over one hundred and fifty different cells.


In real time the Tuning Link calculates the  correct fuel adjustment to achieve the desired air/fuel ratio and uploads these new values to the Power Commander.


Tuning Link has the ability to map fuel curves in both "static" and "dynamic"  modes, assuring that the generated fuel curves are correct for both steady state crusing as well as during aggressive on/off throttle movements, allowing optimization of the bike in a very short time, regardless of the bikes modifications.



Our Services


​- O.E.M.  and Aftermarket Parts

- Tire Sales and Installation

- Service Inspecitons

- Oil & Filter Changes


- Power Commander Install

- Ultra Sonic Carburator Cleaning

- Tune Ups

- Dyno Tuning


- Exhaust System Sales & Installation


- Swingarm Extensions and Lowering


- Chains and Sprockets


- Coolants System Service


- Fork Seals


- Pick-up & Delivery Service



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